I’m a blonde

Not literally. But I walked into work an hour early this afternoon. My coworker looked at me a bit strangely. Oh well,such is life. At least I get paid for an extra hour 🙂 And I brought my tatting to work on. Maybe I’ll try to find a new pattern to work on in green variegated thread…A very simply pattern…

C.S. Lewis

Wow. You would think that coming off a break like we just did here Monday (and Tuesday) morning wouldn’t hit as hard. Actually I’m having a harder time today than yesterday…

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to tell you about a good book I just finished on Sunday.Let me get into lecture mode *ahem*

C.S. Lewis is best known as a children’s author. His Chronicles of Narnia are beloved by those who read them and have been made into movies both in the past and the present. But Lewis wrote more than just children’s stories. Lewis was born into a religious family, but in his teen years he left the church. Later, because of the influence of several friends such as J.R.R. Tolkien, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour and became part of the Anglican church. Mere Christianity started out as a series of radio broadcasts during WWII, but Lewis decided to expand it later, perhaps because of the wide response it elicited. A small book, Mere Christianity using logic to prove Christianity – the logic that persuaded him to be a Christian. Many people seem to view Jesus Christ as a good man, but Lewis reasons that because of Jesus’ claims to perfect divinity, He must have either been a liar or a madman or telling the truth. The book was challenging to me personally as a Christian. I hope you will take the time to look it over. You can read or listen to it free here: 


(If I were cool I would know how to make that a convenient clicky link…)


Well here at my university we are coming off a week of rest. We don’t exactly have Spring Break – we don’t have classes, but we have speakers come in and speak to us about the Bible. Pretty cool. So while we didn’t have classes we still had a lot going on this week. And you know how when you have free time you schedule yourself to do lots of random cool stuff? ya. So while this week was restful, it was still busy. Just a different kind of busy.

But now the time has come to gear up for school again. I’ve read most of the book for my book report, done my projects for Monday, put my laundry in the wash, etc. I feel accomplished. If only there wasn’t so much still to do.

At last

Spring is in the air. Here at my university we students have finally finished the last week of school before a much-needed and well-deserved rest. People are lounging around, hanging with friends, and basically doing nothing that needs to be done – because we’ve got a week to do it. I love this time of year.

And happy St. Patrick’s Day! Are you wearing green? (Does green eye shadow count?)

Final performance of opera tonight. Here’s to the last hurrah!


I just submitted my recital request date. I’m hoping for Friday, April 19 at 5:00. Be there, be square. (And yes, I do know that’s more than a year away. Wow. A year is a long time…)

Bleeding Out and Recitals

I gave blood last night as planned. I was done in about 5 minutes. (Note to self: Don’t ever majorly cut yourself because you’ll bleed out really quickly :/) After that I chilled for a while and then went to see a friend.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to plan a senior recital? It’s hard. You get 50 minutes in which to “show off,” regardless of whether that is too much or too little time. When you first think about it 50 minutes seem like a long time. And then you start planning and finding pieces and buying music. And you realize that an hour and a half would be such a blessing! But such is life. And someday I won’t have to limit myself to 50 minutes. 🙂

Opera again tonight. This will be the middle of our 3 runs. I wonder if there’s anywhere I can go to actually watch the thing…

1 for the money…

Well, the first performance is over. Only 2 more to go. The main characters all sang well, but sadly since I had to be back stage the whole time, I didn’t really get to hear it. That’s why you listen in rehearsal when it doesn’t matter where you are. 🙂 The Tenor made it through and the Soprano died beautifully. Other than that I think all I have to say is that I’m giving blood tonight. This will be my 4th or 5th time, so I’m hoping it goes well and smoothly as it always has before *knocks on wood* (I’m a firm believer in Murphey’s Law).

Opera opens tonight

So after this week you won’t have to endure my opera ramblings anymore. Aren’t you glad? Although, everyone always says they miss opera afterward…

Oh, and they finally told us the results of our school competition. I’m an alternate in the final round in case someone gets sick. So basically I have to keep my piece going, but chances are I won’t get to perform it. But a good friend of mine made it to the finals. I m so proud of her!!!

It was nice knowing you

Today was. And, yes, that is a complete sentence. Every semester the students of my university go through an excruciatingly painful process termed “White Glove.” It’s a bit like Spring Cleaning. Except it’s forced upon us. So no one wants to do it. And it gets checked by Dust Nazis.

Surprisingly, my room passed. Now I don’t say that because we’re incredibly messy or anything, but because I was away all afternoon at opera practice, so my roommates had to do most of it. I felt really bad not being able to help. It’s sort of a bonding experience…

Opera’s gonna be amazing!!! Tuesday is opening night.