In review…

Wow. It’s March already. Crazy, I know. These past 2 months have both flown and dragged by. It’s got me to thinking about the beginning of the year when I made all those wishe*ahem* resolutions. So let’s see how I’ve done:

1: Daily practice. Ya, definitely hasn’t happened…between life and opera I really just don’t have time.

2: Exercise regularly. This one is going a lot better than I expected. I get in to the gym usually 2 or 3 times a week. The other day my friend said I looked skinnier than I used to πŸ™‚ And now I run faster than when I started.

3: Learn Italian. I haven’t even touched it. Does it count that we had a unit on Italian pronunciation in Diction class?

4: Blog at least once a week. Been doin’ that. Aren’t you proud of me? πŸ˜€

5:Be tidier. I started off well. I really did…but when you’re so busy you can’t see straight tidiness kinda goes on the back burner.

6: Finish my book. Well, I’ve worked on it a little, but it still has quite a way to go. Something about school and being busy keeps me from my creative endeavours…

7: Not fall in love. Well, I’m still single. And it looks like I’ll be that way for a while.

8: Love my God more. How does one gauge this criterion? I can’t say that I’ve been completely consistent in my personal devotions. But I can say that I see Him working in my life and changing me into His image. I’ve recently started a Bible study on the Cross and it’s significance to every-day life. It’s changed my thinking a lot.


So all in all, I guess I’m doing ok. I knew when I made these resolutions that I would break them, but the point wasn’t to be perfect, but to at least try. So I’ll keep trying. And don’t you give up either!!

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Dramatic Lyric

I am a musician and a life-long crafter. I love to read and write, and my favourite book is Jane Eyre.

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