Books :D

I love to read. So today while at a consignment shop I took the opportunity to look through the books. Usually I don’t find much, although I always keep my eyes peeled for anything Tolkien wrote or any other classics that are just good to have and to have read. Today I found 6 books. I only got 4 of them because I decided that 2 of them weren’t worth my time. I got an Illustrated Sherlock Holmes (he was my favourite all growing up), A Poe Reader, and The Count of Monte Cristo. Score for me. Oh, and I found something funny:

Being a Christian and a Creationist, I found it humorizing that Darwin’s Origin of the Species was on the Fiction shelves. Just saying.

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Dramatic Lyric

I am a musician and a life-long crafter. I love to read and write, and my favourite book is Jane Eyre.

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