I am Robot

Last semester I took a computer class. It was either math, science, or computer, so computer seemed the easiest, and my friend offered to lend me her book for free. Hey, free is good with me. So I embarked on this new journey. Now, in case you haven’t noticed, I can be a bit technologically challenged sometimes. Sure, I know the basics of operating a computer. I use Word regularly and have even graduated to blogging, which assumes some kind of technological know-how. But beyond the basics I am lost.

So when my teacher told us we were going to be building a robot my first reactions were: “Cool!” and “There is no way that is gonna turn out…I’m going to fail.” Luckily we weren’t building the robots on our own (one of the few times I have ever been grateful to be part of a group project), and we were building them from a kit. Now kits I can do. They have instructions. The project ended up going well. The 3 of us divided up tasks: I built the thing, my friend did the programming (blessings upon him for not making me do it!!!), while our other group member kept the logs and such. We named our robot Elvira.


Isn’t she lovely? We got an A on our project 🙂

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Dramatic Lyric

I am a musician and a life-long crafter. I love to read and write, and my favourite book is Jane Eyre.

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