It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

You know, the brilliant thing about unpacking things you haven’t used in at least 2 months is that it feels like Christmas all over again. Except it’s better because instead of getting new clothes and accessories that you’re not sure how they will fit and if they will flatter, you get your tried and true wardrobe back. You know how every piece fits and what it goes with best. It’s like Christmas in August! Now where did my Christmas music go?

The only down side is the mess all over your floor and not having enough hangers.

August?? Already???

Yesterday was moving day. That’s right, folks, I am now officially out of the nest and on my own. It’s pretty strange, but at the same time, nice. I’m rooming with a few friends, so we can take care of each other and keep each other sane. Hopefully.

Moving is a lot of work. And I didn’t even have to help with the really big stuff, like beds! Last night I put a rolling clothes rod together all by myself. I was pretty proud of me – there weren’t even any “extra” parts! Even though my friend told me I got -2 Diva points for having enough common sense to follow directions.