I love art. I have always been very artistic. When I was little I used to draw a lot, but I always thought I wouldn’t like painting because it was hard. Fast forward to high school art class where not painting was not an option, and I realized that I LOVE painting! So I painted in class and out of class, and I kept drawing a little.

These days I don’t paint much. I’m too busy working, and now knitting is my main creative outlet. But I still treasure my earlier pieces, and I hope to paint more as time goes on. It’s interesting to see how my artistic style has changed with time – I started out very conservative, but I have become more avant-garde as time has gone on.

Since I recently moved I’m still decorating my apartment and I decided to hang my art. It makes me happy. WP_20160428_003

Mother’s Day Plans

I love my mother, but I live very far away from her. Sometimes it’s hard to show her how much I love her because I can’t spend time with her in person. So I knit for her. This Mother’s Day I am sending her some hand-knit washcloths. They aren’t spectacularly beautiful. They aren’t made of silk, and they didn’t take 2 months of my life to make. But I know she will enjoy them and use them, and isn’t that kind of the point of knitting?

I love you, Mom.

Nature Walk

As much as I love nature I never seem to get outside enough. It’s too hot or too cold or I’m too busy. Yesterday my fiancé and I finally got out for our fist hike of the season. We walked for an hour and a quarter on a trail not too far from where we both live. It was good to exercise and be out in nature. And look what we found!

A sugar glider!

We took many pictures, and he even let Chris touch him!

Here’s my  artistic rendition. The proportions are a little off, but I think for a few minutes’ work it’s pretty good.



Farrah is done!

Pattern: Farrah by the Berroco Design Team

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Conch, 9 1/2 balls (1155 yards)

Needles: US 8/ 5.0 mm

Time: 2 months

Modifications: I had a really hard time getting gauge with this sweater. I think it was actually designed for a DK or a Sport weight yarn. So I decided to use the fabric that pleased me most and knit a smaller size. I modified the neck opening to be 60 stitches wide, rather than 80. I also lengthened the sweater to be more of a tunic length, and knit garter bands on the hem, neck, and sleeves.

Things I would change: Even though I made the neck smaller than directed it is still wider than I would like. If I knit this again I would make the neck 50 stitches wide.


I am so close to being done with Farrah. On Saturday I finished knitting the main body. On Sunday I finished the neckline and cuffs. I washed and blocked her, and started the sewing up. Oh, and there may have been some dancing around in an unfinished sweater. As you do.

Blocked and ready to sew up
She who can finish without tea is mighty!

Cheese Bread

I made bread the other day. Cheese bread, to be exact. Yum!


The recipe instructs you to put 1 cup of shredded cheese in the dough, and then to put chunks of cheese in the middle of the loaf and on top (I used a little less cheese than instructed, but it turned out amazingly). Also, when you bake this make sure to put a sheet pan underneath. Unless you like cleaning burnt cheese out of the bottom of your oven. In which case, please come to my house.

DIY Decorated Binder

I have been meaning to start a wedding binder to keep myself organized and sane less crazy over the next few months. As we have discussed before, I am cheap, and the idea of spending $15 or more on a sparkly, pretty binder made me sad. I was sure I could do it myself. And I did.

Materials: 1 used 3″ binder (black), 1 worn out t-shirt (complete with pretty flowers), 1 Velcro tie thingy, leftover fabric from a previous project, lots of hot glue, tatting.

Time: 1 hour (ish)