Did you know…

…that planning a wedding is harder than it seems?

Married people out there and other brides: what are your favourite sanity-savers when it comes to planning your big day?

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10 thoughts on “Did you know…”

  1. Don’t let other people try to run your day. Make it just about you and Him. That is who the whole day should revolve around. Parents mean well but they can sometimes make things worse. So just do you.

  2. Get a wedding planner. If you can’t afford a wedding planner- delegate. Don’t try to do it all yourself, because you’ll be too uptight about something that didn’t go right, to enjoy your day. And remember- it IS your day.

  3. Oh, and if your cousin-in-law does photography, but has never done weddings before- don’t be his test run. Don’t give in to your Mother-in-Law, when she says you MUST hire him. Even if it hurts her feelings. Go with the company you had in mind, in the first place.

      1. Oh yeah. He never insisted on any photos (like one of just the bride and the groom, or one of us cutting the cake), he just took various photos. So I do not have a photo of JUST me and my husband, or one of JUST my parents, or even one of JUST his parents. There’s sooo many photos I realize that I DON’T have, that I wish I had gone with MY choice for photographers.

  4. It helped me put things in perspective if I kept reminding myself that the real point is not the wedding day, but the bit after, the being married with someone you love bit. Yes, it’s nice to have a celebration with family and friends, but it’s not the end goal. That thought then helped us decide what was important enough to fuss about and which bits we weren’t so worried about and didn’t want to spend time/money/stress on. (eg, neither of us like wearing gold jewelry, we quite fancied platinum rings instead, but they cost a lot, so in the end we got silver rings for a fraction of the cost, deciding that for us it was what they symbolised that was important, not what they were made of). My other top tip is lists, lots of them. I think we may have had spreadsheets too.

  5. Oh and consider devolving responsibility for some things that you don’t have strong opinions on. I don’t have big opinions on flowers, they look nice, I wanted them, but I didn’t really care which flowers. So I chose a colour scheme and then just agreed with whatever the florist suggested and let my mother in law decorate the church how she wanted as that was important to her.

  6. Thank you all SO MUCH! I’m on a limited budget, so I’m trying to get by without a wedding planner. That being said, I have some wonderful friends who have volunteered to help. I love the idea of delegating some of the choices I don’t feel strongly on.

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