I Swatched

To save time, take time to check gauge.

How many times have we all read this instruction? In theory it makes a lot of sense. You want to make sure that the project you are spending hours and hours of your life on will fit the intended recipient. But how often do we decide to skip this step and plunge straight into the (more) exciting part of starting the project?

I have decided to be a better person. I am taking the high road this time. I swatched.

I swear it’s actually green…


The last 2 weeks have been difficult. My fiancé’s car died, so we decided to carpool until he could find a new one. Carpooling is hard. You wouldn’t think it would be, but it is. All that extra car time and getting up early gets in the way of my beauty sleep. And when I don’t get enough sleep I’m a grumpy-pants. But, Hallelujah, the carpooling is over now! We bought a Mazda Miata for him to drive.

It’s going to be a great wedding getaway car!

(I’m at that stage in wedding planning where everything comes back to the wedding)