4 years

This photo, dear readers,  is important.


This photo, taken November 12, 2012, is a picture of my first ever knitting! This November marks the 4th anniversary of me learning to knit! I think it’s rather monumental. So flashback to the past:

It’s 2012, and I’m a Junior in college. Thanksgiving break is coming up, and my family is very far away. My best friend has invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her and her family. I gladly accept. In the mean time I’m very busy with school and homework. But not busy enough, it would seem. I decided I needed a new hobby, and that said hobby should be knitting. So out I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a pair of bright red aluminum knitting needles and some yarn I liked. That evening I looked up a tutorial on the internet and became a knitter! I started and restarted several times, but eventually I came up with something I liked. I knit and purled (no garter stitch beginner scarves for me!) and lost track of what was what and decided to make it a design feature. I knit in the car, in and out of class, and even on stage (at the time I was involved in a small school opera where I played an old lady. Naturally, she was a knitter)!


I was hooked. And then one day I had a scarf! And it was good.


I soon cast on my second project, a pair of ill-fated fingerless gloves.


I’ve had better moments (note to self: Never knit with Chenille yarn again!). But, you know what, it was knitting. And I love knitting.

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Dramatic Lyric

I am a musician and a life-long crafter. I love to read and write, and my favourite book is Jane Eyre.

2 thoughts on “4 years”

  1. Yeah- chenille is a soft, fuzzy BEAST. He lies in wait, knowing that you will be lured in by his softness. Then, he pounces! And you are left in misery.

    I wonder if sewing with it is as horrible as knitting?

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