19 days

So now that the sweater is off the needles I want to cast on everything! Also, I need to start several Christmas projects. I started some socks for my mom in worsted weight – I’m not crazy enough to try for a full pair of fingering weight socks at this late stage in the game.

Behold my very comprehensive swatch – 3 needle sizes!

I’ve also swatched for a hat for my husband. And I have bought at least 3 patterns recently that I am dying to make for myself. One of these is this hat pattern by Hunter Hammersen, and I can’t help myself! I need to cast it on.

This photo is Hunter’s but I wish the hat was mine.

She’s running a giveaway this week here, and she also has a sale going on her pattern.

It’s been rainy here recently. Rainy and cold (it’s not like it’s the beginning of winter or anything). The other day I finished spinning some grey alpaca (maybe?). I used a new (to me) plying technique – Navajo ply. I mostly like how it turned out, but toward the end I had problems with yarn management, so I have some thick and thin areas. Overall, though, I’m very pleased. The yarn is mostly more consistent than the first yarn I spun on my wheel. I can tell I’ve made progress.


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