Making Things

Sometimes I struggle with being a crafter. The things I do for fun seem so small and insignificant. I knit and sew and bake bread. My husband studies chess and economics in his free time (And for the record, he has never said anything about how I choose to spend my free time. He is so supportive of all the crafting that goes on). I struggle to see how knitting fits in to the world we live in today.

Part of the problem is that textiles have become so, so cheap. In the past people made things to save money or because that was the only way to have a sweater or socks or a new dress. These days crafting is a privilege and is often more expensive than buying something ready-made. Now that doesn’t take into account individual taste or fit – many of the things that I make could not be found in a store, and I can craft to my own measurements and colour preferences; but I can find many things I truly like at the store.

Making things is not mainstream. Not that that has ever bothered me, but it makes me wonder why. Why don’t people make things anymore? I make things because I have to: I have to have some sort of artistic expression. When I was in college I studied music. Now I knit and sew and dabble in all sorts of other art forms.

Why do you make things? Do you ever feel like making is insignificant?

Felicia of The Craft Sessions says all this and more way better than I can here.

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Dramatic Lyric

I am a musician and a life-long crafter. I love to read and write, and my favourite book is Jane Eyre.

4 thoughts on “Making Things”

  1. My husband spends his spare time studying chess and mathematics so they would be good companions!
    I think we all make for our own reasons these days to an extent. For me, I don’t make my own clothes, but spend my time embroidering. For me, it brings much needed solace and enjoyment and is so much better for my mental wellbeing than sitting in front of the TV will ever be. Despite it maybe being an ‘unusual’ thing to do, I think more and more people are turning back to crafts, as it is an escape from technology and instant gratification. Whilst they might not be making clothes, in my mind, any crafting is a good thing!

  2. when I was little, my grandma used to fix our socks, but then she stopped, saying the socks they make nowdays are not possible to fix properly…. so sad… i mostly make things as presents for other people. i find it more personal, and it seems people appreciate such gifts more. but i hardly make stuff for myself. I mostly try to buy less cloth of better quality, and take better care of them…

  3. I’ve always had the crafting bug and now seem to focus on sewing, knitting and quilting. I guess I like those things because you can make functional things that people enjoy.

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