Me Made May: Takeaways

This was the first year that I participated in Me Made May. I was really surprised that I was able to wear something I had made every day in May – some days I even wore more than one me-made item. Getting dressed some days was hard, though. I realized that I have a me-made wardrobe gap: I see clothing style in a continuum of how casual or dressy it is. The continuum looks like this: casual, medium casual, business casual, professional, dressy. At home I wear mostly casual clothes – jeans or shorts and a t-shirt, or even pajamas. At work I like to dress on the nicer end of business casual. But most of the clothes that I have made fit in the medium casual range, so I don’t always want to wear them at home or at work. This tells me that I need to make more t-shirts and truly casual wear so I can be comfortable at home. I also need to make more business casual clothes so I can feel comfortable at work. I will still wear my medium-casual clothes (both around the house and on the job), but changing what I make will eliminate the time I spend standing in front of my closet wondering what to wear.

I’d like to build a wardrobe that is truly functional and beautiful. Part of that vision is wearing sleeveless shirts with cardigans to be wearable in all seasons. I see lace cardigans over simple sleeveless tops worn with pants in fun colours. Or coloured tops with black or grey pants. Or black tops with grey or coloured pants. I’m still working toward this, but finding the Wiksten tank pattern is a huge step in the right direction. I like how the pattern can be made with nice fabric to dress it up, or in simple cottons for everyday wear. I also have yarn for 3 cardigans now, so I guess I should get making.

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4 thoughts on “Me Made May: Takeaways”

  1. Good for you! Not only wearing your own makes all month, but also figuring out your style and where your gaps are. You might want to check out the Fringe Association’s Summer of basics KAL and SAL they just started – you could make those shirts and cardigans and win prizes!

    I find that I am like you – what I wear for work is nothing like what I wear when I am not at work. So all my lovely warm and lacey shawls are for work, and then at home I am freezing. I am also learning the value of a cardigan that can be worn at work or at home. So I too need more cardigans. Hmmm, I should go yarn shopping!

    1. Thanks! It was definitely enlightening.
      I’ve been following Fringe Association, but I hadn’t really thought about joining the Make-along. Maybe I should do that.
      Isn’t it funny how the same person can have multiple different wardrobes?

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