Tour de Fleece

The other day I mentioned that I was practicing spinning fat singles in preparation for a special project. I’ve been working on that project, and I am delighted with my progress!

It all started a few months ago when I ordered some fiber for my sisters to learn how to spin. I couldn’t just order something for them and nothing for me, so I got this. Since the Tour de France just started and I am participating in the similar (but less athletic) Tour de Fleece (this article is from last year), it seemed like the perfect time to use it up (also before it got sucked into deep stash). This is the first time I have really taken the time to plan a skein. First I laid out my fiber. The colours are even more vibrant in real life: yellow, orange, red, and purple (I promise it’s not really black. My apartment just has bad lighting.)


I separated the colours, fluffed up the ends, and pulled off a handful of each colour.


You see, I had this brilliant idea to tie all the colours together. Each handful was further separated into 3 pieces and paired with the other 3 colours (So the yellow section had bits of orange, red, and purple; the orange section had yellow, red, and purple; the red section had yellow, orange, and purple; and the purple section had yellow, orange, and red bits). I further divided these sections into several pieces and incorporated them into my yarn at random intervals. It’s hard to see while still on the bobbin, but they are there, and I can’t wait to see how the yarn turns out!

Are you spinning in the Tour de Fleece? What are you working on?

Also, today is your last chance to get 20% off my newest pattern, the Raindrops and Wildflowers Cowl with the coupon code BEATRIX. I bet this would be glorious in handspun!

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11 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece”

  1. that looks interesting! I can’t wait to see your yarn! I am not officially spinning for TDF but I am spinning with two low key groups this month. But my spin is anything but low key. I am combining 9 4 ounce braid into one big pile of yarn. Not sure yet, but I expect it will be fingering weight or maybe sport. there will be many yards, enough for a sweater and then some. 🙂 loads of blues, purple and green. And a little pink. A riot of color.

    1. Oh wow! That sounds lovely! Are you spinning one colour section at a time or did you divide it into small pieces to blend better? I’ve wanted to do a skein like that for a while. I also want to spin a SQ some day.

      1. I chose three braids for each ply, then those three braids I broke apart and stripped in to little pieces a bit thicker than pencil roving, so I will get loads of color change. Then I mixed each ply’s worth up so it is a bit random, though that is really hard for me, I want to balance it. So some of each – random and balanced is finding it’s way onto the wheel.

      2. I joined a roving of the month club, and couldn’t keep up, so then I acquired a few braids to fill in the gap to do this spin. After this, my stash will be quite reduced, and liable to stay that way for a while. Though I am still in that club… 🙂

      3. Yes indeed! I heartily recommend it. I often get braids that I think “oh, not in love with these colors” but then I spin them and I love them! And I get different fibers, which is far mpre adventurous than I would be on my own. I recommend it!

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