I love shopping. There, I said it. Whether online or in person, I just love shopping. I love the possibilities (this is also what I love about knitting patterns and my stash). So when I won a gift card I started planning what I wanted to buy with my “free money.” Feast your eyes on this goodness.


Several months ago I saw a tiny beaded green dragon knitting stitch marker in The Corner of Craft shop. I wasn’t quick enough to snag it at the time, but I kept my eyes open for more. Green is my favourite colour, and my college sorority was the Dragons, so this is the perfect stitch marker for me. I also love how it is flexible, so it conforms to my hand as I knit. Isn’t it just adorable!?


Silk Road Socks is the most recent of Hunter Hammersen’s publications, and oh, is it beautiful! The book starts off with the rugs that inspired the socks and the history behind them. Some of the most beautiful sock patterns that you will ever see follow. I want to knit almost all of them! Hunter includes instructions in 3 sizes and 2 weights of yarn, so you can make these socks for pretty much any adult.

silk road socks

Pardon me while I start some socks.

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I am a musician and a life-long crafter. I love to read and write, and my favourite book is Jane Eyre.

2 thoughts on “Goodies”

  1. Oh, please come home long enough to teach me how to knit socks! This book looks amazing! Have fun!

    Love you so much and miss you even more!

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