The First Few Ornaments

December is here, and I have begun my Advent Bunting (the plans are all here).

Day 1: Using Nuna by Mirasol Yarn and US 2.5 DPNs, I busted out the tiniest mitten ever.

tiny mitten

No blood, no sweat, no tears. I can totally do this for 23 more days.

Day 2: It turns out that I have precisely 1 colour of yellow yarn in my stash, and it is not a warm flamey yellow. It’s a good thing I know how to make my own yarn.


The candle part is in Ella Rae Lace Merino in Natural, and I used US 2.5 DPNs again.

tiny candle

Done and dusted.

Day 3: This teensy weensy gingerbread house is darling!

gingerbread house

I used a Sprout Seedling by The Fiber Seed in Fawn for the main house color. The door is in KnitPicks Stroll in Rainforest Heather, the windows are also Stroll in Dandelion, and the snow on the roof is Ella Rae Lace Merino in Natural. All the tiny bits were rather fiddly, but totally worth it.

3 ornaments

How is your Christmas knitting going?

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8 thoughts on “The First Few Ornaments”

  1. lol My Christmas knitting – hahahahahahaha! I only have two gifts to knit. One ornament which should be done tonight. One pair of leg warmers not yet cast on! But I have needles full of other projects, like a certain hat I am test knitting! And a hat that is a custom order. Both of those should be done by the weekend, I THINK. ther eis a shawl out of my own beaded handspun which I really want to finish but likely won’t before Christmas. And a pair of socks is always on the needles – I limited my self to 6 pairs of socks this year, and this is the 6th pair. Not sure I will finish it by 1/1/18 but I will try. Because I have 6 more pairs lined up for next year, I don’t want to fall too far behind!

      1. Lol thanks! The hat has pushed my socks aside as a mobile project, so I worked on it at lunch today, and will until it is done. I think the more boring hat will get done by tomorrow as it is thicker yarn on bigger needles, then full speed ahead on the pretty soft blue one!

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