Me Made May: Year 2

I participated in Me Made May again this year. My making has slowed down considerably in the last 6 months, so my goal was the same as last year: wear 1 handmade garment or accessory every day. It’s interesting to see how many garments were the same as last year, but also how many were different.


Of course I wore my grey Alabama Chanin dress. This dress has become one of my go-tos: I feel good in it and I always get compliments. I also get a lot of wear out of my orange tunic-dress. It’s super comfortable and easy to wear for a lazy day at home.

I have 4 handmade sleeveless tops now: 2 self-drafted, and 2 Wiksten Tanks.

I don’t wear vests a lot, but when I do, they need huge awesome collars. Some handmade lace for a back cutout doesn’t hurt, either.

It’s debatable whether socks are garments or accessories, but I figure since they enclose a part of your body and have to fit, they should be included as garments. I wore my Slytherin socks and my Watermelon socks throughout the month.

Having handmade undergarments has been a real boon for those days when everything else was dirty or didn’t seem to go well together.



My office is really cold. As in, ‘wear socks and shoes (not sandals) and a shawl and a sweater and fingerless gloves’ cold. So I wore shawls a fair amount this month. My Granny shawl drapes perfectly and stays on effortlessly, and I also wore my wedding shawl and my most recent pattern release, the Balai Shawl (free pattern here).

Some days I didn’t feel like going all out, so I accessorized with my Kumihimo necklace or a ribbon rose hair clip. Simple, but effective.



I’ve been working on several projects this month, but most of them aren’t finished yet (oh the life of a crafter). I did manage to finally finish my wool crepe vest, and I love how it turned out! It’s big and comfortable and the fabric is oh so lovely.

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10 thoughts on “Me Made May: Year 2”

  1. I like how you tackle Me Made May! I usually do wear at least one thing I have made, but May is the leanest month for that, usually! I am not wearing sweaters and wool socks, don’t need to wrap up in a shawl, usually, and haven’t gotten out the summer clothes yet, which include more handmade skirts than the winter wardrobe does. So somedays I can only claim to have made my earrings! But as I said, the way you do it, I can handle, and likely manage to make it through the month with something on that I made. Even if I just CARRY a shawl, lol!

    1. I hear you on being between seasons. I feel like Me Made May should be about highlighting your handmade clothes rather than a set of rigid rules. I don’t generally like rules…

      1. Exactly! Highlighting, wearing what you can. 🙂

        Today is so cold I considered wool sweater and socks again. But didn’t go there, and so don’t have a thing on that I made!

      2. I won’t lie, as soon as June 1 hit I intentionally stopped thinking about it and started wearing the commercially made clothes I neglected last month. What can I say, they’re my clothes and I love them.

      3. Lol slow fashion doesn’t rule out commercially made clothes, thank heavens! Just make them last and reuse the fabric when the clothes wear out and you can have a clean conscience.

    1. That’s wonderful!! I find it’s most useful to have a variety of handmade items so you don’t feel like you are wearing the same thing every day. I hope you try it. It’s fun!

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