More Interesting

Happy Monday!

Ok, you’re right. I’ll never say that again as long as I live. Forgive me.

Today was my first day of work, which means, o joy of joys, Orientation! Yay! I met some new (and very friendly) people, learned about my company, and they gave us free lunch. What’s not to like? *mumbles something about mind-numbing, life-sucking presentations about safety*

Well, anything is more interesting than Orientation, especially when that something is a wonderful handcraft like Knitting. Now some of you may remember a few months ago when I picked up some needles and knit myself a lovely grey scarf. This soon blossomed out to a pair of awesome wrist warmers, and a scarf I started for my roommate that I still need to finish. Over the summer I did not have the chance to practice my newly-acquired skill because I was traveling in Europe and suitcase space was prime real estate. I brought my tatting along instead. It’s rather smaller (yes, that was intentional). Now that I am back to the States, I am back to knitting. Be afraid. Be very afraid. My roommate is.

My camera is acting up today, so I will leave you with only 1 picture:Image

Washcloth with Basil, knitted with Peaches ‘n’ Cream in yellow on US 8 (?)


By Calvin Klein. Incidentally, I love this scent. However, that is not what I am here to blog about. No, no. My obsession is in a completely different area of life, namely, knitting. Yes, my dear friends, I am becoming a Knitter. Now don’t worry. I won’t spend quite all of my time knitting. I will include you in my life (you know, in all that extra free time that I have lying around). 

A very dear friend of mine gave me new knitting needles and yarn for Christmas (Ok, ok, I asked her for them. But still. It was a good gift!). I am using said needles and yarn to make my roommate a scarf. Yes, Spring is coming. No, I am not crazy. Well, at least not in that sense. My roommate happens to be from a country south of the equator, so when she goes home it will be Winter and she will be able to use my scarf. See the logic?

In this project I am learning ribbing, cabling, and I availed myself of an unexpected opportunity to learn an increase. 🙂



Yarn: some kind of acrylic, I’m guessing

Guage: knitted on size US 8 (5mm) needles

Too much school makes you old

Ah, the joys of being so busy you can’t see straight! Well, I can see straight, but if I get any busier I think I might just begin to pull my hair out!!

This evening was my last performance in a humorous play written and performed in English: Giancarlo Menotti’s “The Old Maid and the Thief.” The plot is full of twists and turns, melodrama, and puns. I played the town gossip, who is quite an old woman! T’was an interesting experience for me.
You can see from the picture that I’m learning another skill. I was inspired by a friend of mine who was knitting the most beautiful scarf in one of my classes, and decided that I just had to have a go at it myself. Currently I’m a little less than half done.  I usually play the young woman whose heart is breaking from unrequited love 😛