Hey you! Yeah, you!!

Hi! It’s been too long since I’ve posted. My apologies. I’m sure you understand about the busyness of life. Anyway, happy 4th to my fellow Americans. I meant to post but I was too tired after work and I didn’t have internet anyway. I did get to help make this yummy cake while I was at work, though.Β 

The mask is going quite well. I’m almost done, but I’m beginning to lose steam. You know how I am when it comes to ongoing projects. I’m finally getting in the mood to cycle around and work on my original project again, which is a boon. I got frustrated enough with the mask that I started yet another project. This makes 4 going on at once. The pattern is MaryKonior’s “Network” fromΒ Tatting with Visual Patterns. I love this book. I’m a visual person, so the way she draws her patterns out is so helpful to me. I’ve actually begun to adopt her system and when I read through a new pattern I draw it out so I can make sure I know what I’m supposed to be doing.

I tie-died for the first time yesterday!! Yes, I am a child of the ’90s (or at least, I was born in the ’90s). I’m not really sure why I had never tie-dyed before, but I have now, and that’s what counts.

I’m going over to my friend’s house for dinner, so I’m planning to make bread and Red Velvet Cake. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Over and out.

A Lesson Learned

*Attention crafters everywhere*

When you are working a pattern – especially a new and somewhat complicated one – make sure you read the directions and UNDERSTAND them BEFORE you start your project. It will save you a lot of time, frustration, and whatever materials you are working with.


I got my permit today!! I know, I’m lame. I’m a college-aged kid, I should have my license already, right? Yeah, about that… well I have my permit now. And it felt good driving again today!

The mask I’m working on begins with a medallion and has 2 other partial medallions, so that’s what I’ve been working on today. It’s my first time tatting with beads. I had a bit of retro-tatting to do and I cut several pieces off, but at the end of the day everything is working out πŸ™‚ Oh, and by the way, tatting with a very fibrous thread is much different than tatting with a smooth thread. It’s much harder. But it is ending up softer than my usual tatting.

I’ve been trying to upload those pictures, but my internet is pretty slow. Let’s hope for better luck tomorrow.

Busy, Busy Bee

Well, I meant to have pictures to show you today. I was quiet over the weekend, but that’s because I was busy. I told you the other day that the mas was going to be my next project, but that didn’t exactly turn out to be true. Sorry. I did 2 things between when I told you that and now: the first caters to my current fad, Doctor Who. I found a pattern on intatters.com for a TARDIS. I mean, what Whovian could resist a tatted TARDIS?? So I made that up, using a few techniques that were new to me. It was a learning and growing experience. And now I can fly away in a TARDIS of my own πŸ˜€

My second project was making a bag. I’ve excursioned into the world of sewing before, but this time I was all on my own and without a pattern. I found some really awesome-looking tatting bags at ds9designs.com and I really wanted some. But I tend to be of the mindset of “Why buy it when you can make it?” Usually it doesn’t work out too well for me, but this time it did. I am so pleased. I used some scrap fabric from a dress my mom and I made several years ago (kudos to me!!). I love the fabric so much! The outside is a variegated green satin – it’s a small piece so the colour doesn’t change too much, and the inside is made from a variegated creme-to-gold satin. I made the lining from the creme section and pockets from the gold.

So now I’ve got a bag and a TARDIS and I’m not afraid to use them! I’ll post pictures when photobucket decides to cooperate.

Got Milk?

Milk. Leche. Milch. Lait. Latte.

Drink it plain or add a little of your favourite creamer for some extra sweetness.

CHEESE! Mozzarella, Cheddar, Provolone, curds, cottage, melted, grated, diced, cubed.

Yogurt. Frozen or not. preferably without chunks of anything in it – including fruit.

ICE CREAM!!! Vanilla, Chocolate, Rocky Road, Peanut Butter, Mint-Chocolate-Chip.

Sour Cream. No cooking or Mexican food experience is complete without it.


My voice teacher wants me to go off milk. I don’t know if I can survive it…My mom got me Almond milk for my cereal, and I must admit, it tastes better than I thought it would…but it just cannot compare with the beauty of milk. I broke down the other day and had sour cream on my taco. I drank a big glass of whole milk with creamer, and then I had a warm brownie with ice cream. Yum.



I finished the big piece of one of my projects probably a week ago now, but Photobucket was being a bear, so I couldn’t show you pictures. It seems that it only likes me enough to let me upload 1 or 2 pictures at a time before it goes hater again. But, hey, I’ll take what I can get.

I got this pattern from a book my Nana gave me. I saw the picture in the book and thought it might look nice to make it and then put it on the back of a sweater – which I would also be making myself. I worked the pattern, all except for the edging and then realized it wasn’t big enough for a sweater. But, thankfully, the pattern is in a rectangle-ish shape, so doubling it was no problem. The flowers go on the sides at the top, connected by the edging, and then I’ve made one more flower to go on the bottom between the points of the two triangles. Hopefully it will turn out. If not…my mom always gives hints that if I make anything that I don’t want she’d enjoy it…