5 Shawls, 5 Days

I have been interested in designing knitwear for a while, but it’s hard to know where to begin. I also, like most peole, am on a limited budget. So free is good. When I heard that Frenchie at Aroha Knits was hosting a (free) design-themed Knit-a-Long, I jumped at the chance to join. The challenge was to knit 5 mini-shawls in 5 days – and she provided directions. We were free to choose our own yarn and needles, and since the recipes she provided were very basic, we could also add stitch patterns if we so wished. I used US size 6 needles for all my shawls, but the yarn weights ranged from light fingering to worsted.

Day 1: the basic Triangle Shawl

day 1
Pardon my impromptu blocking wires: I didn’t have any pins at hand.  

Day 2: the 3/4 Shawl

day 2
I prefer this rounder unblocked shape to the recommended blocked square shape, so I left this shawl as-is. 

Day 3: the Crescent Shawl

day 3
Running out of yarn halfway through the picot bind-off is a great reason to shoot an “artsy” photo. 

Day 4: the Octagonal Shawl

day 4
I forgot about the plain knit rows between the increase rows, so my “sun shawl” is very ruffly. This was definitely a fun learning experience that I would not have had if I had followed the directions. 

Day 5: the Asymmetrical Shawl

day 5
I didn’t expect to enjoy this shape, but I love it to an irrational degree!