Birthday Cake

Sunday was my husband’s birthday, so I made him a cake. There is nothing quite like a made from scratch cake to show your love. We had talked about it earlier in the year and to my surprise he said he wanted a chocolate peanut butter cake (he is not a big peanut butter fan). So I trolled the internet for the perfect recipe, and lo and behold I found it! I compiled my ingredients and began baking.

While the cake layers were baking and cooling I made the peanut butter whipped filling and the chocolate ganache.

I trimmed the cake layers…

Then began assembly.

The last step was lettering. I practiced a bit before trying it on the real thing. The key is to go slowly and to follow through on every stroke.

The cake turned out so well! I even had 2 people tell me that they didn’t normally like peanut butter, but they liked my cake!!

The recipe took me the majority of a day to make, once you count baking and cooling and chilling times, and the time was well worth it! I made the cake pretty much as instructed. The only change I made was to add about 1/4 cup less sugar than called for.

Would I make this cake again? Definitely! Should you make this cake? Absolutely!!

I’ve Kept Busy


The blanket continues apace. I’m lucky to be able to do a good amount of my knitting at work. Simple projects require less concentration, so this blanket is perfect.

I also love to bake. This week I made Key Lime Pie (which turned out perfect, thanks for asking) and meringues. It just so happened that the pie called for 4 egg yolks and the meringues called for 4 egg whites. A match made in heaven!

What have you been busy with?



I had the day off yesterday, and I was busy! To start off I made soufflés. The recipe is from Joy of Cooking – I added bacon and lots of cheese.


My knitting friend came over and we drank tea and watched The Crown (on Netflix) as we knit. The Crown is about Queen Elizabeth’s rise to the throne. It is full of angst and drama and (of course) lovely British accents.

Yesterday was a day for sock knitting. I started these worsted weight Rye socks on Monday, and I was determined to finish the first one. The Lord of the Rings was my movie of choice to knit to.

As the day went on I wanted to get one more thing done: baking bagels. I pulled out my trusty Joy of Cooking again and mixed up the dough. Bagels are not as hard to make as you might imagine. Tadah! Homemade bagels are the best!


All in all it was a profitable, but enjoyable day.


Cheese Bread

I made bread the other day. Cheese bread, to be exact. Yum!


The recipe instructs you to put 1 cup of shredded cheese in the dough, and then to put chunks of cheese in the middle of the loaf and on top (I used a little less cheese than instructed, but it turned out amazingly). Also, when you bake this make sure to put a sheet pan underneath. Unless you like cleaning burnt cheese out of the bottom of your oven. In which case, please come to my house.

And the Verdict Is…

Well, I promised a follow-up post about my baking endeavours. Happily, no one died yet as a result of tasting my food, but time will, I suppose, tell. However, while it was not a failure, I won’t count it a success either. You see, the sourdough bread wasn’t very sour. More like a slightly-sour white bread that still tasted good. And the Red Velvet Cake was neither red nor very velvety. So I guess I’m going to go look for more recipes and hope to find the perfect one. I really don’t like the idea of half a bottle of food colouring though…any suggestions?