Graduation is such an odd time of life. You are so glad to finally be done with all the stress of classes and the accompanying homework, papers, and tests. But at the same time you are so tired and stressed that you can hardly enjoy yourself. It’s a bit of a contradiction.

Congratulations to all of this year’s graduates, and especially to my fiancé, who graduated yesterday with his MBA. The time and effort you have all put into making yourselves better is incredible, and I am so proud of you all.

College Life

*The conversation detailed here actually happened and occurred over text*

*Names may or may not have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent*

Me: Dinner tomorrow?

Jack: Sure 🙂

Me: Cool! Does 5 work?

no wait, 5:30

Jack: ya, that’s fine

Me: Thanks 🙂

Ok, I forgot I have a thing at 5:50. Do you wanna do a short meal at 5 or a long meal at 6:15?

Jack: Let’s do the 5pm

Me: Or do you wanna switch the day so we can have longer? I can do Friday or Saturday dinner.

Jack: I can do Saturday at 5 🙂

Me: O wait. I goofed. Saturday is my choir concert and I have to eat fast :/ Sorry. Next Wednesday?

Jack: Hmm…next Tuesday?

Me: I already have plans. Next Thursday? LOL this is sad

Jack: Ya that works. We can do tonight at 6:15 if that’s better

Me: I don’t wanna make you wait that long to eat. And we might go longer than 6:15

Jack: It’s fine


As you can see my life is crazy and my brain has been reduced to noodles. Probably ramen ones. On the plus side I have awesome friends. And, no, Jack and I are not dating. 😛

On the First Day of…School??

Well, the dreaded first day of the new semester is over. Hallelujah! I’m going to have to admit that from the outset this looks like one of the most challenging semesters I’ve ever embarked on. I’m taking 18 credit hours, working close to 10 hours a week, practicing 2 instruments, and singing in the Opera Chorus.  I’m going to die. And if by some miracle I live to see the close of this semester and 2 more, I will be given a piece of paper saying I’ve graduated. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. But then I think about the future, I dream of  being a part of the glorious world of music and opera, and I know it’s worth it in the end. And, you know, the journey, while hard at times, is totally worth it all. 🙂

Wait, what?

Well, I’ve flown thousands of miles across the heart of the USA, I’ve done most of my unpacking, I’ve fixed my schedule for the coming semester, I’ve spent an obscene amount of money on textbooks, I’ve spent time with random friends and roommates.

Yep. I guess the semester really is here…. Can I go home now?

Well, I’m back

Hello everyone! Do you remember me? I’m that pesky Soprano who used to write much more often than I have been lately.

Did you know, dear reader, that college tends to swallow one’s life? Especially if that person is a musician. Take me, for example. I’m taking 17 credits this semester, and it seems that every class I’m enrolled in requires copious amounts of reading, listening, practicing, or some hideous combination of the three. Add to that participation in various and sundry musical groups, recitals, and work, and I must admit to being absolutely swamped. Can you then blame me, friends, if I tend to allocate my temporal resources in the most profitable ways I can find?

All that to say, I’m sorry I’ve neglected you all. I’ll try not to be so remiss in the future. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Well, I’m back

So Sam says when he returns home to his wife and children at the end of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. While I may not be at home with my family right now, college has become a different kind of home to me. I don’t eat home-cooked meals here, watch movies with my mom, or giggle with my sisters, I do enjoy being here with my friends and having once again something to do. I’ve heard before that friends are the family that you choose for yourself. We may not have a choice in who our family members are, but we can choose our friends. I love my family very much but I love my friends too. And sometimes it becomes hard to choose between them when schedule conflicts arise. But you know, I couldn’t really do without either families I have because they are both a part of me.