Well…I’ve been meaning to post since Sunday afternoon…

Well, for one thing, I passed my piano midterm. Yay!!!!! It really wasn’t that hard – mostly scales and arpeggios and chords, but, still, that’s something, right? (I’m such a bad person. I haven’t practiced piano in over a week…)

My second piece of news dates back to Sunday, and it’s a bit of a story. Ok, my Sunday afternoon nap is one of my favourite things in the week. I mean, seriously, sleep. ‘Nuff said. So this Sunday I took my nap like usual. Only this time my body decided it didn’t want to sleep well. In the middle of my nap I woke up, like, 3 times, each 5 minutes apart. Each time I attempted to go back to sleep and my dream kept going on. I was dreaming that the school administration was about to announce the winners of the competition that I was in this weekend. Even though I’ve been telling my self I didn’t make it into the finals and I didn’t feel like I sang very well, I was still really nervous. So much so that I kept waking myself up from my dream. I never did find out who made it….

And third and last, I just wanted to give y’all an opera update (you know I’m going to be going on and on about this for a while, at least). As a gypsy in Il Trovatore (an opera by Verdi), I’m only in 1 scene – the Anvil Chorus. It’s kind of nice to have a small part, since it cuts down on rehearsal time, even though I would love more stage time. Well, today I tried an experiment. Several of the gypsy men bring in wheelbarrows all empty and lonely. So I thought it would be nice if I went and kept those wheelbarrows company –  by riding in them as they come out on stage. More precisely, I lay in the wheelbarrow and pretend to be sleeping off a hangover. The lights wake me up when I come onstage, and I stagger off groggily. It makes me so happy!!!! I know, I’m weird.


Well, I’m glad that’s over with. That, being the competition. It was early this afternoon. It went ok. My cold is turning into drainage now, and while that’s better than a sore throat, it can still make singing precarious. Honestly, I’m just really glad the competition is over. For some reason this year I didn’t want to compete…maybe because last year I gave it everything I had and lost. I’m not expecting to make it into the final round, so if I do it will be a pleasant surprise, and if I don’t it won’t be a huge letdown.


Every year my university holds a contest in several fields of the fine arts, including music, visual art, speech, and writing. This year I entered the music competition. Thankfully, the contest is divided up into several categories, so I don’t have to compete against some crazy piano major. 😛 Well, first round of women’s voice was held Monday, and, guess what! I made 2nd round, which is also semifinals. The poor dear judges sat in a room all night and listened to approximately 25 girls sing in an effort to whittle that number down to a small, more manageable group. 9 of us were selected to go on, and the 2nd round is held Saturday. That’s great, right? I’m excited!

One problem: I have a cold now. :/

But you know what, it’s gonna be ok. Because God knew this was gonna happen, and He has a plan for this. So maybe I’ll go on, and maybe I won’t (not gonna lie, it might be nice to be done with it…), but it’s not really that big of a deal. Right?