The Time Has Come!

The Call Box Hat is live! Get your copy of the pattern from Knotions Magazine, find your worsted weight yarn, and get knitting! Winter is coming.

The Call Box Hat is available in only one size (21”/ 53cm unstretched), but it is very stretchy and should fit most adult and teen heads. It is easy to knit – using only knit, purl, and directional decreases. The contrasting brim is a great way to use some worsted weight leftovers, but you will need a little more than a full skein of yarn for the main color.

Wait For It…

folded hat

In 2011 one of my best friends introduced me to Doctor Who. We were on a choir tour, so we had a lot of time to kill on the bus from one location to the next. She had downloaded a bunch of episodes to her computer, and we binge watched our way from state to state. Doctor Who quickly became one of my favourite things. I didn’t know how to knit then, but after I learned I wanted a TARDIS hat. The only problem was that I didn’t really like any of the patterns I saw online. What’s a knitter to do? Make her own pattern, that’s what!

I knit the original Call Box Hat around Christmas of 2014. It fit pretty well, but it was too loose of a gauge for me and the wind would blow through it. I still loved it, despite it’s shortcomings, and I was very sad this past winter to find that I had somehow lost it. I decided to replace it with a better version of itself. I swatched and reworked my charts to make a better, more windproof hat. You might remember a few months ago when I finished this beauty.

Well, the time has finally come. It is being published in Knotions Magazine this Saturday, September 30! You can see the preview here. I’m so excited!

Guess What!

Over the last two weeks I have been quietly working up a hat pattern. I made a similar hat a few years ago, but this time I’m making it better and writing it out. I decided to try my luck by submitting the pattern to a magazine. Designing for free is nice, but I like to get paid. And even more important is the exposure a magazine could give me. So yesterday I worked like a fiend to get all the required information together, and I submitted my pattern just before 10PM.

This morning I got an email that the magazine wanted to use my pattern. I’m so excited I could scream! I’m going to be published in Knotions Magazine.

The Call Box Hat will be published at the end of September in Knotions Magazine.

I couldn’t be more chuffed!


Coming Soon…

My husband and I wrote a few funny vows for our wedding. Predictably, one of mine was that I promised to knit for him…whether he liked it or not. When we went yarn shopping on our honeymoon I convinced him to pick out some yarn. At least that way he would be sure to like the colours. He chose Zauberball (smart man). I’m planning to knit him a hat. After careful consultation this is the pattern we came up with. Lots of plain old boring ribbing. And not even interesting decreases (believe me, I tried). So watch this space. A hat is coming soon.


Also, look at this amazing project I got from Good Stuff Crafts! I love Doctor Who, as you know, and I have wanted this Exploding Tardis print for quite a while. My current wallspace is rather limited, so a project bag is the perfect application! This bag holds 2 yarn cakes in the bottom with room for 2 more above and/or your project.


Doctor Shoes

Do you remember that time when I tatted the Doctor’s TARDIS? Well, that was almost two years ago (how time flies!!), and my fetish with all things Doctor Who has only grown and matured since then. So when I saw these shoes on Pinterest I knew I absolutely had to make a pair of my own. I decided not to use high heels because I don’t have much opportunity to wear them in my day to day life. And I knew these would be shoes I would want to wear all the time, shoes that would show off my geekery and general awesomeness.

So off I went to Hobby Lobby and found some knockoff brand Toms (because why would you pay full price if you don’t have to?). Painting is one of my satellite hobbies, so I knew I already had what I needed in that department. Several layers of paint, a bow (because bow-ties are cool), and a few days later, look what I’ve got! The most adorable Doctor Who shoes ever! I love them so much and they make me feel like I am a completely cool and awesome person. Really, they do. You should make some yourself so you can see how awesome they make you feel.



I took them for a little ramble in the woods, and I honestly think that the mud they gathered makes them even more charming and happy. Long live the Doctor Shoes!


Busy, Busy Bee

Well, I meant to have pictures to show you today. I was quiet over the weekend, but that’s because I was busy. I told you the other day that the mas was going to be my next project, but that didn’t exactly turn out to be true. Sorry. I did 2 things between when I told you that and now: the first caters to my current fad, Doctor Who. I found a pattern on for a TARDIS. I mean, what Whovian could resist a tatted TARDIS?? So I made that up, using a few techniques that were new to me. It was a learning and growing experience. And now I can fly away in a TARDIS of my own 😀

My second project was making a bag. I’ve excursioned into the world of sewing before, but this time I was all on my own and without a pattern. I found some really awesome-looking tatting bags at and I really wanted some. But I tend to be of the mindset of “Why buy it when you can make it?” Usually it doesn’t work out too well for me, but this time it did. I am so pleased. I used some scrap fabric from a dress my mom and I made several years ago (kudos to me!!). I love the fabric so much! The outside is a variegated green satin – it’s a small piece so the colour doesn’t change too much, and the inside is made from a variegated creme-to-gold satin. I made the lining from the creme section and pockets from the gold.

So now I’ve got a bag and a TARDIS and I’m not afraid to use them! I’ll post pictures when photobucket decides to cooperate.

Whatever Happened to “Eat Your Celery?”

Well I missed posting yesterday, but I’ll make up for that with lots of fun stuff today!!

I think I mentioned my church having VBS this week, but I didn’t tell you about some of the fun stuff we did. On Tuesday night during craft time I had much fun making a bug mask/headband/hat. I wore it to work the next morning (I work at a nursing home, and the residents loved it!!). It was so funny to see different peoples’ reactions! Some people ignored it all together (as per polite behaviour), some people giggled right out loud (these were my favourite), and one lady came right out and asked me what I had on my head! It was a fun morning.

I’ve told you about my Doctor Who fetish. One of the older Doctors wears a piece of celery like a corsage. A while back I decided to be like the Doctor and wear one myself. My mom laughed at me, but it was fun. Well the other night she was eating celery again and dared me to wear a piece to VBS. I, of course, accepted the challenge.

And now the big news: (drumroll, please)

I finished my tatting pattern!! The one that I’ve been rambling on and on about for the past few days. I’m so excited!! It’s finished! I used a lovely variegated yarn that just looks stunning in this pattern (from Mary Konior’s book Tatting with Visual Patterns). I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, though… I guess just enjoy its loveliness 🙂


Oh ya, and one more thing: while looking for yarn for our next projects, my mom and I found a British shop (I know, so exciting!!). Mom bought me British tea. I had some tonight – yummy!!


That was fun. I went out with 3 of my girlfriends here at home. We went mini-golfing (free tickets make everything better!!) and then shopped for a bit at Target. I was the only one who didn’t buy anything, actually, but I’m gonna ask my mom to take me back in hopes that she’ll buy me stuff 😉

Have I mentioned my obsession with Dr. Who? Because I’m utterly and completely obsessed 😀 My character is the TARDIS, or Idris, if you prefer. You know, now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure I already geeked out about this before. But I’m still geeking out, so too bad. One of the friends I was with tonight is as geeky as I about the Doctor, so we geeked out all evening. It’s pretty funny when you realize that you’ve just had a deep conversation about the psychology of the Doctor and his companions.

Someday I’m going to have a TARDIS blue room in my house.