Atlantis Yarns

A while ago I won a giveaway! Talya from Duck and Cover had dyed 2 lovely skeins of yarn for an online yarn shop she was planning to start. She wasn’t happy with how they came out (I have no idea why, because the yarn she sent me is incredible), so she gave them away to commenters on her blog. The colours are bright and saturated and blend well together. And the yarn base is very soft. If this didn’t meet her exacting standards I imagine the yarns she ended up including in her collection are out of this world!


Atlantis Yarns opened earlier today, and Talya has some real gems in there! The yarn I won was called Sea of Green, which is not a colorway she is offering right now (but I really hope she will. It’s gorgeous!), but it seems to be similar to Shipwreck. I can’t wait to cast on a Song of the Sea using this gorgeous yarn!


New and Improved

Hello again, friends.

Today I want to tell you about some new items I have added to my shop. Regrettably, it has been quite a while since I’ve made time to update my shop on Etsy, but no more! I aim to add more items every week or so for a while to gear up for Christmas.

I recently added this ribbon rose hairclip.

Pretty flower, mostly cooperative hair...
Pretty flower, mostly cooperative hair…

These snowmen are available as a necklace or earrings (or both).


And here are some snowmen for the button lovers among us.

Buttons and a cute little scarf
Buttons and a cute little scarf

New Ring

Hi Friends 🙂

Today I’d like to announce an addition to my shop: a Split Level Ring! When I was in college Thanksgiving was always an interesting time. I didn’t live near enough to school to go home for the weekend, but I really didn’t want to spend the holiday on campus. I ended up going to a friend’s house. Her house was one of the more interesting houses I’ve been in not because it was ornately furnished or of historical significance, but because it was a quadra-level. I had never seen anything like it! When I came up with the idea for this ring all I could think of was my friend’s house that it reminded me of.


Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

I feel like the last few weeks all I’ve talked about is my Etsy shop. And you dear people are probably getting tired of it. I apologize for my monotony, but my life really isn’t that interesting, and this is what I’m excited about at present. So thank you for bearing with me as I unveil yet another new item. Hopefully I’ll have more exciting things to talk about tomorrow. 


This Diamond necklace has all the style of one of those sparkling things, but won’t break your bank. With my tight budget, I’m already a fan.


I started my Etsy shop 19 days ago. Can you believe it has already been almost 3 weeks?! I sure can’t. Today I listed my 10th item. Well, to be correct, I listed my 9th and 10th items. But 10 just seems like such a milestone number. The decimal system is based on 10s. We have 10 fingers (and toes). On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 is the best. Anyway, let me introduce you to numbers 9 and 10.


9 is a bookmark. Butterflies cluster around a single wildflower, until they are startled out into the open. Reading just got that much more exciting! This bookmark is, incidentally, inspired by a friend’s request for a tatted bookmark. If you would love to see something made please leave a comment or message my via Etsy. I love the creativity that comes from working with other people!


10 is the first of a line of pendant necklaces. It isn’t easy in today’s modern world to believe in fairy tales. Life is a daily grind and there is no time for make believe. But you and I secretly know that we are really princesses, queens even, in disguise! We have been kidnapped by the evil witch, who forces us to live like the peasants around us. She may deny us crowns on our heads, but she would never expect us to proclaim our royalty by wearing pendants around our necks! Pattern by Corina can Krieken can be found here for free.


Aww look at me smiling there! Little do you know that it’s because my evil plan for world domination is working!! Muahahahah!

Today’s the Day!

Hello, friends! Happy day to you! Today is a happy day. Do you want to know why? Because today I became an Entrepreneur. That’s right: today I opened my very own shop. You can find it here. I decided to keep the same name as my blog: Dramatic Lyric. So far all of my listings are tatted jewelry, but I plan to include knitting and other types of crafting as time goes on. So have a happy day, friends. And please visit my shop. I welcome suggestions of how to make things better.