18,000 words in my story!! 😀 yay!! I’ve started work on it again, as I told you. I’m hoping to finish it – if not in June, they by the time I go back to school in late August.

I’ve started some research (the people at the library were probably like, wha??). The conditions of Jews, Romani, Poles during the Second World War were truly horrific. You read accounts of people living on only several hundred calories a day. You and I need around 2,000 – if we’re leading sedentary lifestyles. And they were not.

This afternoon I was reading about the Lodz ghetto, one of the largest Jewish populations in Europe, and one of the longest lasting. These were remarkable people. They put up with beatings and theft, with manipulation, being lied to and used, and still they fought to retain their dignity and humanity. These were not the scum of the earth as the Nazis believed. These people were better, so much better, than the people who murdered them in cold blood. All because of their race – “impure blood,” the Nazis called it. The Jews in the Lodz ghetto were just as bad off as Jews in any other ghetto, if not worse, but these Jews worked tremendously hard to survive. They rose up together to become a giant factory producing all sorts of goods for their German captors in the hope that they could thus survive. They were wrong.

May the world never forget the horrors of war and of blind hatred. May we never forget the evil that dwells in each of our hearts!