5 Decorations to Knit this Holiday Season

Last time we spoke I told you all about my grand plans to knit a holiday bunting. But not everyone wants or needs a bunting. Sometimes you just want something a little smaller and less intense to celebrate the season. I’ve come up with 5 holiday decorations that you might just love to knit.


These cute and easy trees would be super fast to knit up. Bonus: read Phil’s blog. She is hilarious!

knitted christmas trees
© The Twisted Yarn

These super cute snowmen are great as soft figurines and for hanging on the Christmas Tree.

knitted snowman ornaments
© Wendy Phillips

If you don’t have a lot of space for a Christmas Tree, this one might do.

knitted charlie brown christmas tree
© beforesunrise

If you like traditional bauble ornaments, these will be a great option for you.

knitted bauble christmas ornaments
© Ranée Mueller

And, of course, what list of Christmas decorations would be complete without at least one nativity?

knitted nativity
© Angela Turner

What is your favourite part of decorating for Christmas?


Christmas has become such a commercialized holiday. People are so concerned about what they are going to get. The day after Christmas is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. How did this happen? When did Christmas change from being about celebrating the greatest gift of God to man and about reflecting God’s love to family and friends and even strangers to being all about stuff?

I used to be all about the stuff at Christmas. Sure, I enjoyed being with the people I loved, but I was concerned with what I was going to get. That changed a few years ago.

I had moved out of my family’s home and was on my own for the first time. Also, I was across the country from my family, and had not seen them in months. I decided to go see them at Christmas, so I booked my flight for Christmas Eve, but told my family I was flying in late Christmas day. I wanted to surprise them by coming in a day early.

My mom cried when she saw me Christmas morning, and the look of wonder, of Christmas magic, on my littlest sister’s face was priceless. That experience really made me look at Christmas differently. I learned that stuff, while it can be really cool, is still just stuff, and that I should instead relish the joy that giving brings.