18,000 words in my story!! ๐Ÿ˜€ yay!! I’ve started work on it again, as I told you. I’m hoping to finish it – if not in June, they by the time I go back to school in late August.

I’ve started some research (the people at the library were probably like, wha??). The conditions of Jews, Romani, Poles during the Second World War were truly horrific. You read accounts of people living on only several hundred calories a day. You and I need around 2,000 – if we’re leading sedentary lifestyles. And they were not.

This afternoon I was reading about the Lodz ghetto, one of the largest Jewish populations in Europe, and one of the longest lasting. These were remarkable people. They put up with beatings and theft, with manipulation, being lied to and used, and still they fought to retain their dignity and humanity. These were not the scum of the earth as the Nazis believed. These people were better, so much better, than the people who murdered them in cold blood. All because of their race – “impure blood,” the Nazis called it. The Jews in the Lodz ghetto were just as bad off as Jews in any other ghetto, if not worse, but these Jews worked tremendously hard to survive. They rose up together to become a giant factory producing all sorts of goods for their German captors in the hope that they could thus survive. They were wrong.

May the world never forget the horrors of war and of blind hatred. May we never forget the evil that dwells in each of our hearts!


Work at 6 am is not cool. But having a job is, so I should stop complaining. Anyway, yesterday was pretty awesome. I went to my friend’s house and she and 2 other friends and 1 worked on crafts and projects. I worked on a skirt. I’m excited to see how it will come out! So I’ve got the skirt in the works and my tatting projects. The one I started last week I think I’m going to modify the pattern to make it bigger so that I can put it in the back of a sweater. You know, one of those flowy open-back sweaters that are in style right now? So I hope it works out.

I’ve been working on research for my novel and after some initial setbacks came upon a gold mine. I’ve been looking for a list of rules/regulations/restrictions for Jews etc. under German jurisdiction during WWII and the Holocaust. For a good while I couldn’t find anything and I just assumed my search terms weren’t specific enough, but then last night I found a website with a bunch of translated Nazi government documents. I was so excited to finally find some of what I was looking for!! If you want to browse, the web address is:


Have I mentioned just how much I love tatting? It has become an obsession with me (as I mentioned a few posts ago). At the moment I am working on a snowflake that should come out to between 4 and 6 inches. It’s quite pretty and since it’s a new pattern that I’m trying, I’m thoroughly enjoying breaking up the monotony of the old patterns. The only sad thing is that I don’t think I’ll be able to bring my tatting shuttle with me on the plane when I fly back to school on Tuesday. This is tragically sad. But maybe I can prepare another project to work on during the flight. ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news, my story is now up to 14,500 words!! I don’t have it all up at the moment, but you can read most of it by clicking on the tab above named “Remember Me – a novel.” I would love to have some feedback and opinions on the story. Since the story is so dark (it tells about the Holocaust), I’m working extra hard to keep some light in there. Because no matter how dark it gets, one can always find something to be glad about.

The Holocaust

Well, it’s been a while since I was here. But I have very exciting news!! I have decided upon a story theme/plot for NaNo!!! (and, yes, you may congratulate me) I plan to write about a young German-Jewish girl and her family as they experience the Holocaust.ย  You may ask why I chose that theme: well, I’ll tell you. A few years ago during my senior trip we visited the Holocaust museum inย  Washington D.C.ย  The Museum had a huge effect on me. I had been taught about the Holocaust, of course, as every High School graduate has, but there in D.C. I realized a little more the scope of what happened. It hit home to me that these were real people who had been abused, tortured, and murdered. People around the world are even now suffering as a result of racial prejudice. I cannot stop the Holocaust – it ended decades ago. But I can endeavour to stop another Holocaust from happening. Because when we stop remembering it is when it will happen again.