Happy 2016, everyone! I know I keep saying this, but time is just flying by! I hope you all had a lovely evening last night (especially if you stayed up late) and that you were all safe going home (if you went out).

I guess this is the part where I boldly share my New Year’s Resolutions. I only have one this year, but I prefer to call it a goal rather than a resolution. A resolution sounds so pretentious, and once you fail (and you probably will) it is very hard to start back. A goal, on the other hand, can start (or restart) anytime, and seems so much more doable.

So my goal for 2016 is yoga. I want to spend at least 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week doing yoga. My main reason for choosing yoga is that I am tired of being stressed out all the time, and yoga is supposed to be good at calming you down. And gaining strength and flexibility are good things to work on as well. Right now my plan is to use YouTube to guide my sessions.

Do you do yoga? How do you like it? What suggestions would you give a beginner yogi?

Holy Cow!!

Where did the year go??? I know that if I was doing things properly I would save this post for tomorrow…but maybe tomorrow I’ll write about partying. 😉 But back to the point: Where did this year go? I could swear that summer break was about 3 weeks ago. Although, now that I think about it, last spring seems ages ago. Hmm. Isn’t it funny how time doesn’t stand still, but neither does it fly away at a constant rate of speed? I mean, when you are looking forward to something and can’t wait for it to happen haven’t you noticed that time almost seems to stand still? You look at your phone 5 times before it even changes to the next minute!!! And then when you’re dreading something, isn’t it interesting (more like terrifyingly scary) that good old Father Time seems so obliged to make it happen soon? And yet scientists tell us that time is a continuous flow, and that it never slows down or speeds up. Ehh, what do they know!!