♪♫Prima Donna, first lady of the stage…♫♪

So I work in a library. And I absolutely love it because I love books! Recently while working I found a book entitled Prima Donnas and Other Wild Beasts by Alan Wagner. Now of course like all semi-normal people (and especially as a Soprano) I was rather curious about the contents of a book so titled, so I decided to check the book out and read it. What did I get from its pages? A wealth of humorous anecdotes and a bundle of laughs. Performers really are amazing people. They refine their idiosyncrasies into an art. Sometimes they do things that bug the fire out of those of us in the adoring (or not-so-adoring) public, but often we look back on it and see it all as a big joke to be laughed about.  So remember: perspective is a wonderful thing!