Last night I went to a concert. On the program were several symphonic works and a piano concerto. Now we all know that as a musician I love music, but my favourite music is music for voice (who woulda thunk it!!). So I was excited for the concert, but not as excited as I will be for the opera my school is putting on next semester.

I put on my dress and walked over to the appointed place with my people, sat down in my seat, and waited for the performance to begin. And what a performance it was!! I had forgotten how much I love to watch others perform. Yes, you read that right. I enjoy listening to music, but the difference between listening to a CD and attending a live performance is theĀ  opportunity to watch the artists perform their music. I love to watch the passion displayed by true musicians when the grip of the music is upon them. They become lost in the music – it is the only thing that matters in that moment. You see the emotions displayed on their faces, whether rage, sorrow, joy, or peace.

Music is the window to the soul.