Procrastinators of the World Unite!!! … Tomorrow.

I really should be doing something. I brought homework to do while I sat here at this uneventful desk. I even brought my tatting so I could have a reason not to do my homework. And what do I do? I sit at the desk and read blogs. It’s quite entertaining. But it get’s absolutely nothing done. I’m such a lazy bum. But I got a lot of stuff done this morning. I changed my sheets and did my laundry and even had time to squeeze a little of the aforementioned tatting in. Don’t I deserve a break??

I am currently enrolled in an economics course in my college. Now don’t get me wrong, supply and demand are good things, but it’s just not at the top of the list of my favourite classes. Right now I should be doing my homework. But the reading is long and very dry. Recently we talked about something called “opportunity cost.” Basically, opportunity cost of doing something is what else you could be doing instead. So right now I’m writing this blog post. The opportunity cost of connecting with my loving and faithful readers is doing my homework. Ehh, I think it’s worth it.