The Sweater that Never Was

Once upon a time there lived a knitter. She was pretty young and inexperienced – in fact she had just graduated from college, which also means she was pretty broke. This knitter was also pretty new to the whole knitting thing, but she was eager to learn anything she could, and especially to make new, pretty things. She had made hats and gloves and a single scarf (can we just pause for a moment to discuss how long it takes to knit a scarf?), but never had she ever attempted a sweater. In fact it seemed like a daunting task. For goodness sake, she had to knit a hat over several knitting sessions because she would get bored with it. Nevertheless the knitter decided the time had come.

She found a pattern she liked and some crappy yarn she had been given (remember, she was broke), and valiantly swatched. Her swatch was decently close (remember the attention span problems), so she cast on. She knit. And knit. And knit some more. Since she was working from the top down she got to the arm holes pretty quickly, which was nice. It made the knitting go faster to know that she was getting somewhere (the fact that a bunch of stitches went on stitch holders didn’t hurt, either). And then she knit some more. And did some shaping. And knit some more.

And then inexplicably the knitter put her sweater down. Who knows what made her do it. Perhaps it was that the crappy yarn, while it was at the correct guage for the project, did not make a terribly pleasing fabric. Maybe the drab brown colour was getting to her. Maybe it was sheer boredom. Who knows why she put it down, the point is that she did. She thought about picking it back up again many times over the next few years months. But something always kept her from it.

Eventually, after a while of the sweater lurking at her and making her feel guilty she forgot about it. Until she found it again in a stash dive. She looked at the sweater. It looked back at her. And she realized this was a sweater that she would never knit. So she took it off its needles and gave it to someone else who might love it more than she did. And that is how knitting taught the knitter that sometimes you just have to let go. Some things you just can’t save. And sometimes you have to prioritize and choose what is the best use of your time.

Introducing the Birthday Cowl!

I finished it. I turned this beautiful yarn…

Yummy handspun
Yummy handspun

…into this beautiful cowl. I am so proud of myself. I used literally all of my yarn (In this case literally means what it really means: there was not even 1 inch of yarn left over).

Beautiful, warm cowl
Beautiful, warm cowl

Also, look what my lovely coworker gave me. I work with the best people.


Me? A blogger???

I am now officially a blogger. Never thought I’d see the day. I always thought of bloggers as weirdos who didn’t have a social life, who decided to make a life for themselves on the net. Boy, was I ever wrong!! Blogging, I now realize, is just another way to express one’s self in another medium to (potentially) more people.

Now me, I sometimes have troubles just operating my computer! (I’m just glad I have a PC, so if anything goes wrong I can simply restart it. Gotta love Windows!) And have you any idea how many projects and stories I’ve started only to leave them unfinished lying around somewhere just begging to be completed? So when I started thinking about starting a blog, my immediate thought was, “Me??? I mean, I’ll probably forget about it and never update it. And I’m not a good enough writer. No one will ever read it. Do I even know how to write a blog? What am I getting myself into??” So I ask your pardon in advance, dear Readers, if I bore you or (which may be the more likely of the two) if I fail to remember to update this site regularly. I send my thanks to anyone who stops by to read my little blog, and I hope you will find it enjoyable.