Fastest Project Ever!

So if you’re like me you have about a million swatches floating around your house. You occasionally think about a) making something with them, or b) throwing them away, but in reality they simply languish alone and unloved. I have a solution (that is not sewing them together to make a blanket): make a coffee cozy! Admittedly, this solution is better for larger swatches, but smaller ones could potentially be seamed together to make the right size.

Here is what I started with (I promise it’s greener than it looks):


After using the tails to sew a seam (Score! No extra ends!) this is what I have:


Tadah! Just like magic.

Simple Projects

I have always been the kind of knitter who tries new things. I like to be stimulated. I enjoy a little bit of terror uncertainty about how a project might turn out. This is why I design my own patterns or at the very least muck about with half the patterns I knit.

All of which makes it very odd that I suddenly have the urge to knit simple things like garter stitch washcloths and mitered squares. WP_20160427_003

Maybe it’s because I have 2 rather demanding projects going on right now, and my brain needs a little down time. Or maybe I am changing as a knitter.