What is this thing you call…Sleep?

You know, I always knew sleep was important. I always tried to get a decent number of hours of sleep at night. Even those times when I stayed up insanely late reading or crafting to my heart’s content, I always made it up by sleeping later in the mornings.

And then college hit. I figured I’d be ok. I get to make my own schedule, and I can avoid those pesky 8:00’s right? Well apparently I wasn’t so smart this time around. I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired in my life!! I suppose forcing my brain to think – and think in German no less – in the early morning hours is good for me…maybe? I guess if worse comes to worse, I’ll just be assured that my German is good. If I can think in German at 8 AM, then I can think in it at any time. 😛