Just plain Weird.

I am a weird person. I’m a musician, for one. I wear clothes that are… to put it nicely, slightly on the “artsy” side. I listen to Opera for fun. I sing music that would make most people want to ban their heads against a wall. I do handcrafts – like tatting and cross-stitch. Who does those anymore?? And then I turn around and ride horses and wear cowboy boots. Talk about a walking paradox!! I’m a Christian. I’m a white and college-aged and I vote conservatively. I read for fun – and not all light reading: I read Tolkien and Austen and Bronte and Goethe.

But the thing that might just top the list (at least for today’s conversation), the thing that many people will find one of the weirdest about me – is that I really really enjoy and love theory. Every semester that I’ve taken theory it has been one of my favourite classes. I look forward to theory class. And where a lot of people tend to fall asleep in class, theory wakes me up. I know, I’m strange. But I think I’m used to it by now.