Ring Around the Rosie

It’s been a couple of days, but I haven’t been slacking. Well, maybe a little. I was at my Grandma’s house these past 2 days and completely forgot most of my tatting supplies. I brought some wire with me, though. You know, the really flexible kind with plastic on it? It’s good for beaded jewelry and stuff. I thought it would be interesting to try tatting with it. I’ve seen some ideas for a tatted ring, but I think one made of yarn would annoy me because it would be floppy. But one made of wire? Now there’s a thought.

I had forgotten my tatting shuttle, so I had to finger tat. The wire bit into my left hand a bit, so I used a band-aid to prevent a blister. And another. And yet another. And my wrist has been hurting, so out came the wrist brace. I didn’t know tatting was such a dangerous activity! 

It all ended well, though. The ring was finished. Sadly, though, it turned out much too big. I suppose I’ll end up cutting it up for the beads and trying again.