July Review

Whew, July was a busy month! I have been doing a lot of wedding planning (and spending). I’m to the point where most of the big things have been taken care of, so I am left with a long list of details that need to be attended to (but even if I leave them undone the wedding will still be nice).

I have been knitting faithfully on my Wedding Shawl. I have also started a Christmas gift sweater – knitters start gifts early. This week I participated in a design challenge put together by Frenchie at Aroha Knits. We were given instructions to make 5 different tiny shawls in 5 days. I’ll write more in-depth about this soon.

This month I also made the decision to stop teaching voice lessons. I have been teaching as a side job for a year and a half now. Thursday was my last day teaching, and as much as I will miss it, I cannot wait to have a whole entire day to myself!

Here’s to an amazing August!