Twice a Bridesmaid, Already a Bride

I have the most wonderful story to share with you! A few weeks ago my best friend called me to say that her boyfriend had finally asked her to marry him. I squealed and congratulated her and she told me all about the proposal. They are just such a sweet couple. She didn’t say anything at the time about her wedding party. I desperately wanted to be a bridesmaid, but I live 2,000 miles away, so I thought maybe she had decided to ask someone closer to her.

About a week later she sent me this text:

This is the reason we are best friends. Who else would think to propose to a bridesmaid this way? I should add that she is also a knitter, and she is the one who taught me how to tat. Of course, I said yes.

So in May I will be putting on a blue dress to help her with her white dress. I can’t wait!


This past Tuesday was my first wedding anniversary. I’ve been trying all week to figure out what to write about it, but how do you sum up a relationship in a few words?


The traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper. Paper is fragile. It is easy to crumple up or tear. It doesn’t last long. But paper combined with ink leads to communication and knowledge and learning and remembering. Treaties and alliances and constitutions were all written on paper. My wedding vows are written on paper.

You have taught me that two people joined together with respect, trust, and open communication can be far stronger and happier than each could ever be alone. You are the strength I didn’t know I needed and the joy I didn’t know I lacked. Today I choose to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise to love you for who you are and for who you are yet to become. I promise to be patient and to remember that
all things between us are rooted in love. I promise to nurture your dreams and to help you reach them. I promise to share my whole heart with you and to remember to show you how deeply I care for you, no matter the challenges that may come our way. I promise to love you loyally and fiercely for as long as I shall live.

My marriage is still so new. In many ways it is fragile and breakable. But I look forward to learning more about my husband, to communicating through our differences, and to remembering all the wonderful times we have had together.


1 Month

My husband and I were married 1 month ago. It’s funny how being married changes everything, but at the same time almost nothing has changed. We’ve moved into the same space, but we were there a lot together before we got married, so it already felt like home. I felt like he was my husband before we were married, but now it’s legal. When you get married you expect a lot of change in your life – and there is. But there are also a lot of things that stay the same. And it’s weird.


More wedding things

Because I am me and I love making things by hand…

A wedding garter in garter stitch. I love the irony. I love the simplicity. I wonder if garter stitch got its name from garters? Also, my “something blue” (it is a little brighter in real life).

And a wee wedding wristlet, just big enough to hold my phone and listick. I am very proud of this: I made it 2 layers thick so there are no edges showing on the inside, and my topstitiching is all on the outer layer (well, except for a few rogue stitches). So my inner layer is remarkably clean and makes my little crafty heart beat with joy and pride.


Sometimes a project takes a long time. This could be for a variety of reasons, but it usually boils down to 2 main ones: A) it’s a really big project, or B) I ignore it for a while (these can also work in combination with each other). I try to downplay how often the second reason is what’s going on, but I’ve come to realize that that is the case with my Wedding Shawl. Which is kind of bad because the wedding is in 38 days (yay!). I just started the 3rd lace section (for the 3rd time…and there is still a mistake. I’m ignoring it) on Waiting for Rain.

Also, granola bars are a great way to procrastinate. You really should try this recipe!


July Review

Whew, July was a busy month! I have been doing a lot of wedding planning (and spending). I’m to the point where most of the big things have been taken care of, so I am left with a long list of details that need to be attended to (but even if I leave them undone the wedding will still be nice).

I have been knitting faithfully on my Wedding Shawl. I have also started a Christmas gift sweater – knitters start gifts early. This week I participated in a design challenge put together by Frenchie at Aroha Knits. We were given instructions to make 5 different tiny shawls in 5 days. I’ll write more in-depth about this soon.

This month I also made the decision to stop teaching voice lessons. I have been teaching as a side job for a year and a half now. Thursday was my last day teaching, and as much as I will miss it, I cannot wait to have a whole entire day to myself!

Here’s to an amazing August!