Atlantis Yarns

A while ago I won a giveaway! Talya from Duck and Cover had dyed 2 lovely skeins of yarn for an online yarn shop she was planning to start. She wasn’t happy with how they came out (I have no idea why, because the yarn she sent me is incredible), so she gave them away to commenters on her blog. The colours are bright and saturated and blend well together. And the yarn base is very soft. If this didn’t meet her exacting standards I imagine the yarns she ended up including in her collection are out of this world!


Atlantis Yarns opened earlier today, and Talya has some real gems in there! The yarn I won was called Sea of Green, which is not a colorway she is offering right now (but I really hope she will. It’s gorgeous!), but it seems to be similar to Shipwreck. I can’t wait to cast on a Song of the Sea using this gorgeous yarn!


The Shawl that Started Itself

We’ve talked about the sweater and how it’s eating my life. In reaction I want to cast on all the things. The other morning I was partially awake and dreaming of knitting a shawl. You just can’t ignore your subconscious when it tells you to knit, so I did some thinking and planning. I decided to knit Simone’s Wedding Shawl with some of the yarn I bought on my honeymoon – Hedgehog Fibers Sock in Nutmeg.


A short trip to the yarn store later (who are we kidding? Trips to the yarn store are never quick!) I had found 2 coordinating yarns and I was ready to get started!


I cast on later that day. But only after I had reached my daily goal on the Behemoth.


Honeymoon yarn

Being a true Knitter, there was no way I was going to miss an excuse to buy yarn. So I batted my eyelashes at my husband and asked if we could make a stop at an Orlando yarn shop. He agreed, and we commenced our shopping at The Knitting Patch. So. Much Beautiful. Yarn! It seemed like every other yarn I pulled out to look at was Hedgehog Fibers, so obviously my soul needed some – I bought 2 skeins of sock yarn in “Nutmeg.”

My husband and I wrote some funy vows for each other – one of my vows was to knit for him – whether he liked it or not. So I convinced him to pick out some yarn for me to knit him a hat. He showed good taste by choosing Zauberball.

And lastly, in the sale bin a lonely skein of Colinette Cannelloni called my name. And I couldn’t resist. She is so bright and happy (and I have no idea what I will knit with her, but that is not the point).



LYS: Local Yarn Store, AKA Heaven on Earth

I’ve been knitting for almost 4 years now. I love it, of course, but most of that time I have been knitting alone. I don’t have a lot of friends who knit, and it can be a little lonely. I feel like I’m living inside my head a lot. Recently I needed specific needles for a project, needles that the big box store I went to didn’t carry. So in desperation I searched for a yarn store near me. Little did I know that the search would change my life.

The yarn store is wonderful. Beautiful yarn, the needles I needed, and nice people. The lady at the store was so friendly, making sure I had the needles I needed and telling me about the events the store was hosting. They have several knit nights a week and a spinning group! I’m hooked! (Literally)

Spinning at the yarn store